Your Base Plan assumes a constant, safe return rate that does not vary from year to year. These safe return rates on your regular assets and retirement accounts are important and appropriate for this base plan model that does not display the impact of return rate risk. 

Full Risk Investing allows you to discover how much risk your near-certain base plan might be exposed to based on your actual asset allocation. 

  1. Begin by using the selector to choose the investment strategies that best reflect how you are currently invested. For example, you might currently use a 60/40 portfolio (stocks/bonds) in retirement assets and a 10/90 allocation for regular assets.  
  2. To keep things simple and run the report more quickly, you can proceed without comparing your current strategy to other possible investment strategies. 
  3. If you would like to compare your current asset allocation to one or two other possible strategies, uncheck the "Do Not Compare" box. 

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