Base Plan Maximized 
This alternative plan was saved from a maximized report where Social Security was optimized as well as the start of the smooth withdrawals from retirement accounts. Notice that the maximized plan has a much higher lifetime present value, but it also introduced some Cash Constraint It should be compared to the Base Plan. The maximized report can be saved as a new alternative plan. See here: Maximizing Your Plan

After running the maximization report, we observe this comparison of the maximized plan to the base plan. We notice an improvement in the present value of lifetime discretionary spending on the left. This translates to the annual spending differences shown in the line chart on the right. Because the maximization report delayed the start of retirement withdrawals and withdrew RMD for several year and because it delayed taking Social Security until age 70 for both spouses, there arose a cash constraint, a shortage of liquidity in regular assets needed to create a smooth discretionary spending line as we see in the base plan.

We learn that sometimes the economically optimal plan may not be as practical as we would want or might, as in this case, create some constraint that minimizes the practical value of the plan. 

The next help document will reveal how we address this cash constraint.