Key Concepts

This Social Security Record screen is intended to capture information about the past earnings record of an ex-spouse.Although you can enter or import an ex-spouse's earnings history, you may not have access to that information. Instead you may enter your own gross monthly spousal benefit at your full retirement age.


  • The most common approach is to use the benefit amount link instead of importing or manually entering the ex-spouse's earnings history. In this case you are asked to enter the gross monthly Spousal Benefit amount that you will receive at your Full Retirement Age. 
  • The Social Security Administration can provide you with this estimate. 
  • In order to correctly determine when someone is eligible for Divorced Spousal Social Security benefits, we need to know the date the ex spouse is expected to or did file for Retirement Benefits and the date of divorce. Use your best guess if you are not privy to this information. 

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