By default our calculations provide a stable living standard per household member through time to the extent permitted by cash-flow (borrowing) constraints. But not all households seek to have a perfectly smooth living standard. Some, for example, prefer to have a higher living standard when young even at the cost of a lower living standard when old. Use the grid below to tell us what life-cycle pattern of living standard you'd prefer. Leave all values at 100 if you want the program to equalize your living standard per household member in all future years. Alternatively, change the index values above or below 100 for years beyond the current year (for which the value is fixed at 100) when you want your living standard to be higher or lower than in the current year. For example, if you want your living standard per household member to fall by 2 percent per year from age 85 to your maximum age of life, project the standard of living index values to decline by 2 percent each year starting at age 85. MaxiFi will match whatever living standard pattern you specify again, to the extent, it doesn't put you into debt or more debt than you say you are willing to hold.