By default, we show risk analysis charts so they are scaled to their contents. For example, if the highest living standard in your Base Strategy is $55,000 then the top of chart (the highest number on the Y axis) will be 55,000 whereas if the highest living standard in your Risky Strategy is $120,000, the top of that chart will be 120,000. This makes it easy to view details for each of your strategies independently.

However, if you want to visually compare charts from different strategies, you probably want to set them all to the same scale so, in our example, the top of both charts would be set at 120,000, the highest value across both strategies. To set the charts at the same scale, simply click the 'Display Charts at Same Scale' checkbox. The setting will carry over to printed reports.

Note that for charts with very different scales, results may be squashed in "safer" strategies and in some cases cut off in more "risky" strategies with very high extremes. In these cases, it may be better to turn off the same-scale setting.