If you don't see the annuity input option: Select your name at left or either adult's name. Then look to the middle of the page to "restore" annuity.  

Description: Enter a description that means something to you. 

Start Year: Enter the year that the annuity payout begins

Annual Amount: Enter the annual payment in nominal dollars

Number of years the annuity payment is guaranteed:  You must enter a number of years here. 

  • If you enter 0, this means there is no guarantee period and the annuity will be inherited by the survivor according to the "percentage payable to a surviving spouse." 
  • If you enter any number of years greater than 0, this means that the survivor will only inherit the the annuity payment for the remaining years in the guarantee period if the annuitant dies unexpectedly before the guarantee period ends. This inheritance will only show up in a Survivor Report. 

Does the annuity stop after the guarantee period? 

This question only applies to the annuitant, not for the survivor. For the survivor, the guarantee period always determines when the annual payments for the survivor. 

Percentage of annuity payable to a surviving spouse.

This percentage applies to the survivor whether there is a guarantee period or not. 

Growth Rate

This rate of growth applies to the annual increase in the payment. Use your rate of inflation if you want the payment to keep pace with inflation. 

Percentage of annuity payment that is taxable. 

If an annuity is purchased with pre-tax dollars, payments are typically 100% taxable. If purchased with post-tax dollars, typically the portion of the payout representing the original investment is not taxable.