Contingency planning does not currently allow you to create a single year receipt upon the death of a spouse such as would be the case for a term life payment for a survivor. 

To represent that contingent receipt in a survivor report, you need a manual process like this: 

  1. Decide on a year for the survivor report. For example, husband dies at age 80.
  2. Create a special receipt in the amount of the death benefit, typically nominal dollars, in what would be the survivor's first year after this husband's death.
  3. Now run a survivor report (available in Premium version of MaxiFi) where the husband dies at age 80 and note the special receipt entered for the first year of the survivor in Income Overview > Other column. 
  4. To test different ages of death, you will have to move the special receipt to the appropriate survivor year you wish to test.
  5. Don't forget to remove the special receipt after you are done using the survivor reports.