You can add up to two future changes for both the Primary Residence and a Vacation Home in order to account for changes to your housing situation.

If you specify that you will change a home you own, say 2030, our calculations will automatically sell it at the end of that year and will automatically calculate any capital gains tax that you owe as well as the sales commission set in Settings > Other. 

If you specify that a new home will be purchased, our calculations will automatically adjust the savings and spending in your plan so the closing costs and down payment you enter are available in the purchase year. If there is no mortgage on the new home, this cash purchase should be indicated by using 100% down payment. 

If the last housing change you enter is to own a home (or you don't enter any housing changes), our calculations will assume that you will die with the home equity in estate. This "terminal home equity" will be used to pay off the special bequests and funeral expenses (entered under Settings and Assumptions) of the household's last decedent.