For each adult in a married/partnered family, you can set a different retirement age that will take effect if the adult's spouse/partner dies first. The retirement age impacts future earnings or retirement account contributions that are set to end at 'Retirement.'

For example, a family might decide that they'll both retire at age 65 but if either spouse dies the survivor will work a few extra years to reduce life insurance needs. If this family's Current/Future Earnings all have the earnings end dates set to 'Retirement,' modeling their plan is as easy as setting a later retirement age for each adult under their Retirement Age Contingency Settings.

Note that at this time the retirement age contingency setting only affects earnings and retirement account contributions. Even though retirement account special withdrawals can also be set to end at Retirement, there are no contingencies for account withdrawals. Note also that if you want a contingency to change the amount of earnings or contributions rather than the end date, you need to go to the earnings or retirement account entries and change the contingency settings there.