The program automatically calculates annual term life insurance needs and premiums for you. If you see no insurance recommendation in a given year, it means that if you pass away in that year, your survivors will have enough resources, even without any life insurance benefits, to have a higher living standard than they are experiencing while you are alive.

Our software's underlying assumption is that two can live as cheaply as 1.6. Consider the case of a couple with no children whose discretionary spending is $80,000. This means that a surviving spouse needs to spend $50,000 on a discretionary basis to achieve the same living standard as they enjoyed prior to their partner's death. If the surviving spouse who becomes widowed in year X can afford to spend $50,000 or more on an ongoing basis without the receipt of any life insurance proceeds, our software will suggest that the spouse whose death is being contemplated purchase no life insurance in the year before year X.