You can't count on dying on time -- at your life expectancy. Your life expectancy is the number of more years you will live, on average. But essentially no one dies right at their expected date of death. Moreover, planning to die on time is highly risky. Doing so will put you at risk of running out of money if you live longer than expected.

Our software plans for you to live to your maximum age of life for the simple reason that you might, and its goal is to ensure you have a stable living standard no matter how long you live. Unless you raise or lower the value for your maximum age of life, our software uses 100.

Note that both Social Security and inflation-adjusted annuities protect you against the risk of excessive longevity. They do so by continuing to pay you benefits, which are adjusted for inflation, for as long as you live.

The default maximum age of 100 is a reasonable setting for most people, though others of course may want to adjust it depending on specific health issues. You can run reports with different maximum ages to explore the impact on your plans.

You can change your maximum age for the plan be selecting your name in the inputs area and changing the age that you see to the right of your name.