MaxiFi Walkthrough

The video below provides a general overview of MaxiFi Planner.

Learning Resources

The following resources are great starting points for learning MaxiFi Planner:

Helpful Documents

You may want to collect a few documents in advance to help speed entry of your information into MaxiFi. But don't worry if you don't have a particular piece of information handy -- your data is always saved and you can come back later and add to or edit your data. The following may be useful to have:

  • Latest paystub from any employment
  • Pension or annuity statements
  • A free account at the Social Security Administration website so you can access earnings history and benefit information
  • Year end statements from retirement accounts and other investment, education, or savings accounts
  • Rent or mortgage information, including monthly payments and years remaining in your mortgage

Context Help and Contact Support

On every screen you can access help via the green Help button at the bottom right. Click to display a help popup with suggested articles and an easy search feature that allows you to search our full knowledge base.

If you would like to ask questions of one of our support staff, use the contact form within the help popup and someone will reply within 24 hours, and likely sooner.